At the belt


To the widest part

Front Rise

From the stitch of the crotch to the top of the belt, in front

Back Rise

From the stitch of the crotch to the top of the rear belt


From the stitch of the crotch to bottom of jeans


To the widest part


To the widest part


From the top of the belt to bottom of jeans

Width at the bottom

How to Customize Your Jeans , depending on your body type


You are thin and tall :

All you will, but the Slim Jeans or Straight will enhance your slender legs. Play with style! For an androgynous look with a low waist fitting. To highlight your femininity, choose a high waist.


You are thin and small :

Choose Jeans Slim tightens above the ankle to lengthen the leg. Jeans or slightly constricted at the bottom right.


You are round and large :

The Bootcut Jeans and elephant legs, flared at the bottom sway hip width. The Straight Jeans may be slightly flared at the bottom.


You are round and small :

The Straight Jeans with little width for thighs will erase the curves. Jeans bootcut flare at the bottom lengthens the silhouette. Avoid Wide Jeans  because reduces your figure. Opt for Low-waist Jeans to lengthen the upper body.


You have the buttocks :

Remove the back pockets of jeans, to put buttocks value.


You have flat buttocks :

Jeans without back pockets are not recommended !  Jeans with back flap pockets give volume.


You belly :

Opt for a high waist jeans that reduces curves.


You have strong hips :

Choose the Wide Jeans or Straight Jeans.

Choices Overview