At the belt


To the widest part

Front Rise

From the stitch of the crotch to the top of the belt, in front

Back Rise

From the stitch of the crotch to the top of the rear belt


From the stitch of the crotch to bottom of jeans


To the widest part


To the widest part


From the top of the belt to bottom of jeans

Width at the bottom


What is your principle to place the order with my discount code ?

PhilDean Simply, place your order, you enter your discount code at the end of the summary of your order and you confirm.

I don't dare place an order because, I dread making a mistake in the measures ?

PhilDean You must be helped by a person, because you will obtain a perfect precision to take your measurements.

1- We advise to read attentively the topic “CUSTOMISING JEANS”, then refer to the topic “TIPS MEASURES” that you have to download and print the file. Take your measurements and postpone them on the file that you have just printed, it allows you to note your measurements and to postpone them when ordering.

If you are alone to take your measurements, refer to the topic "FAVORITE JEANS".

2- Use the existing points of stitching on your jeans favorite. it will allow to take your measurements exactly.

3- You can customize your Jeans with fabrics and accessories without taking your measurements. And send your favorite Jeans.

Can I make engravings on the back of jeans ?

PhilDean Yes
Either you choose a right back pocket and you can place an engraving on the left.
Either you choose a left back pocket and you can place an engraving on the right.
Either you choose no back pocket, and you can place an engraving on the right and / or left.

I would choose the model of the front pockets with ticket pocket. Is that possible ?

PhilDean The front pockets and ticket pocket are unique and are part of the design handcrafted Jeans PhilDean sur mesure.

Do I choose the model of my zip for the fly ?

PhilDean The zip is a single model, woman and man.

At the bottom of jeans, I would like an opening without buttons and without zip ?

PhilDean Simply choose "open only" in the  option : type of opening at the bottom of jeans.

How to choose the thickness of the fabric ?

PhilDean The thickness of the fabric is determined by the weight expressed in ounces
1 oz = 28.571 g / m 2 of fabric.
You will find the information weight of the fabric, the models presented in our fabric palette.

For the choice of the width at the bottom of the jeans, have I to take the circumference or the width ?

PhilDean You have to take the width at the bottom.

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