At the belt


To the widest part

Front Rise

From the stitch of the crotch to the top of the belt, in front

Back Rise

From the stitch of the crotch to the top of the rear belt


From the stitch of the crotch to bottom of jeans


To the widest part


To the widest part


From the top of the belt to bottom of jeans

Width at the bottom

PhilDean, offers a website online dedicated to the craft of creating custom Jeans.

You can create your custom jeans, whatever your profile. You choose the cut of your jeans from five models (slim, bootcut, straight, wide, elephant legs)
You choose your fabric denim, you personalize it with color stitching. You select the number and shape of the back pockets (cradle, pointe, straight).


The shop offers a wide choice of buttons, rivets and zippers to stylize the waistband, pockets and bottom of your jeans.

To stylize your jeans and make it unique, personalize it with our models of engraving.

To stylize your jeans and make it exclusive, personalize it with your designs or text.

Jeans PhilDean guide you precisely choose the cut of your jeans, adjust your measurements accurately under and take your measurements with the scheme under "Tips measures"

Jeans PhilDean guide you to design your jeans to your body "Customising Jeans"



Jeans PhilDean offers a 100 % custom, homemade French in a sewing workshop (not machining).

The quality of fabric and manufacturing, that our jeans are worn at all times, an indispensable part of your drawers !

Our denim fabrics are rough, not faded. (for the sake of compliance with the health code of textile workers).


Each PhilDean Jeans measure is hand made piece by piece by a designer in his studio !

From the data and measurements that you provide on your order form, the designer will draw on paper the various parts that make up your jeans, he reports that patronage on the fabric DENIM you have chosen to make the cut ; he assembles with double stitching pieces of fabric and finalize your jeans with zips poses, buttons and rivets.


Before creating your Jeans, we advise you to read the Customising Jeans then Tips measures because we give you all the technical explanations ; this will allow you to design your jeans to your body and take your measurements accurately. You dread making a mistake in the measures, you are alone to take your measurements, refer to the topic " Favorite Jeans "

We continue to listen to our customers for any questions on our products.

For modifying a custom PhilDean Jeans (not prints), you can return the parcel after telephone agreement.

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