At the belt


To the widest part

Front Rise

From the stitch of the crotch to the top of the belt, in front

Back Rise

From the stitch of the crotch to the top of the rear belt


From the stitch of the crotch to bottom of jeans


To the widest part


To the widest part


From the top of the belt to bottom of jeans

Width at the bottom

You can customize your Jeans PhilDean in inspiring you favorite jeans you have in your drawers.

1 - Click on "Tips measures" download and print the file.

2 - Take steps 1, 2, 3A, 3D, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, on your favorite jeans and see these measures on the file that you print.

(Use the existing points of stitching on your jeans to define and take action with precision)

3 - You can place your order. Click on "Create your Jeans"

measures that you save will be the definitive measures of jeans that will be manufactured.


We can make your PhilDean Jeans, from your favorite Jeans you send us.

We advise you :

Create an account,

Place your order for the choice of fabric and accessories.

Reached to the measures taken:

Check "You choose to customize without following our advice»

Check "Jeans woman or man"

Adjust the counters, Weight, Height, Age. Do not touch the counter measures.

In your command, "leave a message" to the description of Jeans you send us, Mark, size (eg 38) and the Jeans color.

And send your jeans at: Jeans PhilDean - 1286 Route des vieux salins 83400 Hyères - FRANCE.

The shipping of your favorite jeans will be your responsibility. (We advise you colissimo delivered with signature).

The front pockets and back pockets will be our PhilDean pocket model. The motifs, effects of fading, and fantasies on your favorite jeans will not be reproduced on the PhilDean Jeans. Our denim fabrics are rough, not washed. (For the sake of compliance with the code of the textile workers of health). The PhilDean Jeans is reproduced identically favorite jeans you sent us.

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